Thrive at Night

Helping nightlife teams to empower workers with wellbeing support.

Thrive at Night provides mental health and wellbeing support to Night Time Economy (NTE) workforce in Bristol, through resources, training, peer support and trauma response support sessions.

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Introducing a New Partnership

Bristol Nights and The Burnt Chef Project will deliver Wellbeing Champion Training for Bristol's hospitality businesses, starting on Wednesday 29th November.

The Burnt Chef Project is a not-for-profit Social Enterprise, fully committed to making the hospitality profession healthier and more sustainable by focusing on people's wellbeing first. Through this partnership, they will contribute their expertise in mental health support and training.

Explore our Thrive at Night workshops and see how to provide a holistic approach to wellbeing from a personal and professional perspective. 

Upcoming Workshops

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The Food Talent Pathway

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Barista, Food Safety and Customer Service Training 5-day course

This 5 day course will help you connect with employers with live vacancies and receive individual careers support while earning Level 2 Barista Skills, Level 1 or 2 Food Safety and Hygiene and Level 1 Customer Service qualifications.

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Level 2 Food Safety & Hygiene Award

This course is ideal for newbies in food & hospitality and for keeping season pros up to date with essential compliance skills and for preparing for inspections.

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Level 2 Personal Alcohol Licence Training

This course is mandatory for those selling alcohol in the UK. You will learn key alcohol legislation, licencing essentials and crime prevention and child protection skills.

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There is support available both in Bristol and nationally for workers in the nighttime economy.

Check out our list of Thrive at Night support groups, helplines and guides here:

Thrive at Night Training

Join us for one of nine topical workshops which individually will take a deep dive into important key aspects of what it is means to be living well. These workshops will be facilitated by NAOS therapy service, who aim to provide an all round approach to wellbeing from a personal and professional perspective. 

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training course

Filmed with our Thrive At Night experts, NAOS, these resources address pathways to creating a more supportive workplace and how to deal with common issues in the nighttime economy.


Get emergency support

Mental health exerts NAOS are on hand to help nighttime economy businesses in crisis. Experts are available both on the phone or in person for help with any of the resources outlined here, or to support with incidents at your premises.