Everyone should feel safe after dark in our city.

Life in Bristol goes on beyond daylight hours, with many of us working, socialising and enjoying the city at night. And yet we know that being out at night can induce anxiety for many women, with most women surveyed having experienced some level of harassment.

This needs to change. But it requires all of us to come together to improve the safety of women, and everyone, at night.This charter is our call to action for all organisations, large or small, to join us in tackling gender inequality and make Bristol a fair and inclusive city, where everyone is welcome.

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97% of women in Bristol have experienced sexual harassment.

When we interviewed Bristol’s men, almost half couldn’t articulate what sexual harassment is.

So if you're thinking...

It's OK

It’s just a bit of banter
You saw what she was wearing
It’s just a bit of flirting
She’s playing hard to get

Let's be clear.

Any of these behaviours could be sexual harassment.

If it’s Unwanted


What is Bristol doing?

We’re training night time economy businesses: We’re aiming to train 1000 people in nightlife to identify and put a stop to all kinds of harassment of women.

We’re inviting you to call it out: We all have a part to play in protecting women in our city. Be an active bystander and if it’s unwanted, tell them it’s not OK.

We’re asking men to consider ‘Am I being a Creep?’ - a poster campaign throughout our night time venues will invite you to look at your behaviour and question.
Is it unwanted? Is it OK?

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Ask your favourite night time businesses to support the campaign by signing up to the Women’s Safety Charter

Support businesses who actively support the Women’s Safety Charter