Thrive at Night: Free mental health and wellbeing workshops for night time economy

November 7, 2023

Bristol Nights has launched a monthly training programme for night time workers looking for techniques to look after their own and their team’s mental health. 

As part of the mental health and wellbeing at work resources through Thrive At Night, we have designed a series of specialist interactive training course, delivered for Bristol Nights by Bristol based mental health and wellbeing specialists NAOS (Bristol) CIC. 

Recognising the unique challenges faced by night-time staff, Bristol Nights has collaborated with night time economy businesses, industry experts in mental health and wellbeing, and Bristol City Council’s Public Health team to create Thrive at Night. This joint venture ensures that the programme is tailored to the specific needs of night time workers, offering them the necessary tools and resources to maintain their mental health and wellbeing.

The Thrive at Night workshops encompasses a wide range of topics essential for maintaining a healthy work environment, such as anxiety and stress management, creating mentally healthy workplaces, compassionate leadership, recovering from serious incidents, and supporting employees who may be self-medicating as a reaction to stress. The deep dive session in October is dedicated to noticing and respecting differences, both in your team and in your customer base to help hospitality businesses to drive their diversity and inclusion policies with team members. 

The sessions will feature practical advice and techniques to help yourself and your team members find relevant services in Bristol for longer term support and dedicated sessions for freelancers and seasonal workers at risk of burnout. 

The programme, which has been almost a year in the making, also equips organisations with the necessary tools to develop and implement their own mental health and wellbeing policies.

To book a place on our free training sessions, please visit our Eventbrite

Venues are spread across the city throughout the year to give team members access no matter which area of Bristol they are from. 

For more information on the groundbreaking Thrive at Night programme, and to download materials, visit

Introduction to Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace

This interactive workshop aims to help Bristol’s night time businesses to create and implement a mental health policy, and to create a plan which takes care of you and your team.


What to expect -

This interactive session guides you through the essential components of a mental health and wellbeing policy, for businesses who operate 6pm-6am

  • What do we mean by mental health and wellbeing?
  • Creating a Mental Health and Wellbeing Policy
  • What does a policy need to contain
  • How to communicate to your team
  • Becoming a compassionate leader
  • Five ways to wellbeing, and how to integrate these into your workplace


By the end of this session participants will

  • Be able to identify the topics your mental health and wellbeing policy needs to contain
  • Have a draft plan to communicate the policy
  • Walk away with tools to monitor and evaluate the policy
  • Learn communication techniques for addressing mental health and wellbeing of your teams.

Participants of this session will receive printed versions of all of the Thrive at Night materials.

These workshops are free to attend, and are repeated throughout the year.

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Thrive at night deep dive session

Deep Dive Wellbeing Workshops

9 topical workshops diving deeper into a wide range of topics essential for maintaining a healthy work environment, practical advice and techniques to help yourself and your team members.

Each of these workshops will only happen once. Places are strictly limited so please book early.

Recharge & Thrive in the Night Time Economy  

Thriving in the Community: Living Well in Bristol and the Southwest

Deep Dive Session: Noticing and respecting our differences

Deep Dive Session: Freelancers and burnout/Seasonal working

Deep Dive Session: Stress Relief in the Night Time Economy

Deep Dive Session: A personal approach to the Five Ways to Wellbeing

Team building, communication and collective decision-making

These workshops are free to attend, but spaces are limited. Early booking advised.

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