No/lo: It’s not just for Dry January

March 7, 2024

Bristol’s vibrant nightlife hosts clubs, live gigs, cosy bars and glamorous speakeasies, it is the city that knows how to have fun.

Just because it’s Dry January doesn't mean people have to stop visiting our city's night time venues. Offer up low to non-alcoholic drinks this year and let’s make sure Bristol has everyone covered.

With the likes of award-winning Bristol Beer Factory brewing Clear Head 0.5%, there are plenty of alcohol alternatives for your bar or pub. From beer, lagers and ales to ciders or spirits, there is always something for you to find amongst Bristol’s suppliers.

Beers, Lagers and Ales

Looking for low local alcohol? The best-selling beer for good, Clear Head, packs plenty of punch but is only 0.5%. Taking the beer category to another level, this dual hopped pale ale is part of the Talk Club talking and listening movement with 5% of total sales going to the local charity. Made to help start real conversations and save lives, Clear Head and Talk Club are here to get people mentally fit and create a sustainable, positive mental health community.

Based on the gold medal award-winning recipe that created Goram IPA, Bristol-based Butcombe Brewery has created Goram IPA Zero - its very first alcohol free IPA. Stocked in venues throughout the city, it has notes of stone fruit, citrus and bitterness. This easy-to-drink, refreshing ale has all the aroma, taste and flavour of a normal IPA but with none of the alcohol.

A easy drinking alcohol-free lager, Tomorrow by Wiper and True is a traditional German Helles-style lager but is only 0.5%. Using market-leading technology, the alcohol is gently removed over 60 hours to leave a complex German hops flavour balanced by a crisp clean finish.

Bristol Bear Factory - Clear Head


Adding a sober twist to its Classic Draught Cider is Sheppy’s. Made from a blend of Somerset’s finest traditional and dessert cider apples, its 0.5% Classic Cider is currently cider of the month for Dry January.

Bristol Cider Shop has a fabulous mixed case of Low Alcohol 0.5-1% ABV cider. 100% natural, vegan and gluten-free, it’s the perfect selection box to explore cider as a lighter refreshment and without the units.

A classic for every South West cider drinker, Thatchers has created a cider which has all of the flavour but none of the alcohol with Thatchers Zero.


Founded in Bristol, Caleno Drinks has created two non-alcoholic spirits that are more sisters than twins. Caleno’s sober Dark & Spicy take on Tropical Rum and its Light & Zesty Non-Alcoholic Tropical Gin are perfect with any mixer and celebrate new and exciting flavours from South America.


Handcrafted in Montpelier, Bristol, Nania’s Vineyard creates alcohol-free Kombucha, which is an uplifting and delicious sparkling fermented tea drink.  Nania’s Kombucha Citrus Cascade is unfiltered and naturally hazy - the perfect alcohol replacement.

The Bristol Syrup Company is a collaboration between Bristol-based syrup experts and bartenders, creating syrup that can be used in cocktails or mocktails to create an authentic taste whether or not there is alcohol in your drink. Flavours include classics such as Grenadine, Coconut, Simple and Vanilla - and there are also flavours such as Watermelon and Disco Grenadine.

A selection of unique mixers to keep your alcohol-free drink new and exciting, Two Keys Sodas has created soda flavours like no other - including Black Tea, Green Tea, Lemon and Grapefruit. Just because your drink is no-lo doesn't mean you can’t indulge.

Found right on our doorstep, by supporting local breweries, you will be keeping Bristol’s unique quality alive, investing more into the local economy and even cutting down on your carbon footprint.  Customers are driving towards a healthier lifestyle in 2023, alcohol alternatives are more popular than ever, so jump on the bandwagon and stock no-lo now for Dry January and the remainder of 2023 and beyond.

Bristol and the South West’s no-lo suppliers:

Beers, lagers and ales

  • Clear Head 0.5% IPA, Bristol Beer Factory
  • Citra and Mosaic hops bring a citrusy flavour and 5% of profits go to local mental fitness charity TALK CLUB
  • Goram IPA Zero, Butcombe Brewery
  • Bristol-based and made with a punchy blend of UK, USA and New Zealand hops which balance stone fruit, citrus and bitter notes.
  • Tomorrow, Wiper and True
  • A alcohol-free traditional German Helles-style lager, with a flavour profile of bread crust and gentle herbal notes.


  • Thatchers Zero, Thatchers
  • A medium dry and crisp classic apple cider. Suitable for vegans, vegetarians and coeliacs.
  • Sheppy’s Low Alcohol Classic Cider 0.5%, Sheppy’s
  • Sheppy’s traditional cider using Somerset’s finest dessert apples with a refreshing apple flavour as delicious as Sheppy’s classic draught cider.
  • Low Alcohol Mixed Case, Bristol Cider Shop
  • A case of the best low alcohol collected by Bristol Cider Shop. Low alcohol without sacrificing the classic craft cider flavour and 100% natural, vegan and gluten-free.



  • Nania’s Kombucha Citrus Cascade, Nania’s Vineyard
  • Unfiltered and naturally hazy fermented tea which can be enjoyed as a tonic or alcohol alternative. Refreshing citrus notes with hops and apples.
  • Bristol Syrup Company Syrups, Bristol Syrup Company
  • High quality cocktail syrups ranging from the classics, including Grenadine, Coconut, Simple and Vanilla to more adventurous flavours like Watermelon and Disco Grenadine.
  • Two Keys Sodas, Two Keys
  • A unique selection of no-lo mixers, with flavours including Black Tea, Green Tea, Lemon and Grapefruit.