Fund Grass Roots Music - Bristol Music Industry Round Table

February 14, 2024

Bristol Music Industry Roundtable to discuss how we can collaborate, support, and promote grass roots music in Bristol.

How can the music industry better support grass roots music in the city?

The music industry is a delicate ecosystem. We have weathered years of austerity and the storm of the pandemic. We’re battling through the national cost-of-living crisis and the impacts of policy decisions beyond our city borders. Despite immense pressures, Bristol has managed to go against the national trend of venue closures. The city has held on to our treasured music spaces, welcomed new and returning audiences and we continue to support a thriving music scene.

Bristol's ability to reinvent it's sound is a testament to the strength of the music community who call the city home.

Now is time to start looking toward the future.

We are the city that has pioneered the agent of change principle, championed safety in the night time economy, and prioritised the working conditions of those who keep Bristol’s music sector buzzing.

The challenges we face however remain writ large. Joint efforts are required to develop this precious ecosystem that think beyond the usual streams of funding and support available during these challenging times. As the efforts required to build get greater, we, as a sector, need to use the creativity that has made us to find new ways forward.

Fund Grass Roots Music Round Table

Join us for an opportunity for creative discussion that aims to find the ideas for long-term solutions to support the local music industry. How can we collaborate, support, and promote grass roots music in Bristol? What are our options to protect and nurture the pipeline of talent and build towards a sustainable future?

The Bristol Music Industry Round Table is your chance to contribute to the conversation. Join fellow industry professionals, artists, promoters, and venue operators to discuss how we can create a community-led grass roots music fund.

On Thursday 7 September, 2023, starting at 2pm, we will gather at City Hall, College Green, Bristol, BS1 5TR. This in-person event will take the form of a participatory workshop, provide a platform for round table discussions, networking, and collaborations within the vibrant Bristol music scene.

Whether you're an aspiring musician, a music industry professional, or simply a local business passionate about supporting local talent, this event is for you! Engage in lively conversations, share your experiences, and help us build a sustainable solution to support the sector for the future.

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity! Mark your calendars and join us on 7 September for the Fund Grass Root Music - Bristol Music Industry Round Table. Together, let's build a stronger foundation for the music community in Bristol!

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