Bristol Music Fund - Have your say

June 5, 2024

Bristol's music scene is a vital part of our city's culture and economy. To ensure it's sustainability, we're considering a new fund derived from ticket sales. We need your input! Complete the Bristol Music Survey and have your say in supporting local talent, music events, and venues.

This is your chance to influence the future of music in our city.

Study commissioned into bold music sector funding initiative.

For the past few months, Bristol Nights have been in talks with the local music industry on how to best support talent and innovation, to invest in the future of Bristol music. With funding from Arts Council England, we are carrying out an in-depth feasibility study to investigate the potential of creating a self-sustaining investment pipeline for local music talent.  

The plan addresses the issues facing Bristol’s vibrant, yet precarious independent music sector by creating a sustainable investment fund derived from ticket purchases. One proposal explores the idea of introducing a 1 to 3 per cent donation on all music events across the city, with the money generated being added to a collective pot, to be redistributed via grants to the three agreed pillars across Bristol’s independent music industry: venues, events and music making.

Through this feasibility study the council have been engaging music creators and collaborating to establish the guiding principles and the values which underpin our unique and talented music community.

Philip Walker, Head of Culture at Bristol City Council said:

“Bristol remains a top destination for arts and culture and punches well above its weight as one of the South West’s key creative hubs. However, we cannot remain ignorant to the fact that many creative sectors continue to struggle, with Bristol’s music industry particularly at risk.
“Bold initiatives such as the Bristol Music Fund re becoming increasingly essential to the sector. By introducing this small financial contribution, we have the ability to utterly transform the prospects of our city’s independent music venues for the better.”
This further development comes in the wake of last year’s roundtable discussion on the future of Bristol’s music industry. The workshop, orchestrated by the Bristol Nights partnership, united over 70 representatives from across Bristol’s music and cultural industries looking to champion the city’s creative culture.

Carly Heath, Bristol’s Night Time Economy Advisor said:

"The round table discussions were an exciting moment for Bristol's music community. The strength of feeling towards a united vision for music in the city is clear. Music is at the heart of Bristol's night time economy and one of the many reasons why our city is such an attractive place for creatives to live, work, visit, and enjoy. 
“Local music scenes are the seedbed of innovation. Bristol has historically exceeded expectations for the region due to the hard work and talent of local creatives across the industry, from performers and artists to event promoters and music venues. However, as we continue navigate difficult challenges, it's more important than ever to support home-grown talent.
“Through this feasibility process we have been engaging music creators and collaborating to establish the guiding principles and the values which underpin our unique and talented music community.”

Find out more about the roundtable discussions here

As conversations continue with Bristol’s music industry, opinions are now being collected from the city’s music lovers via a new survey.

The survey hopes to gain a better understanding of the community’s feelings on the current health of the city’s music scene while gauging support for the creation of a Bristol music investment fund.

If you want to have your say on the future of Bristol’s music sector, please fill out the survey below, or follow this link

The survey is open from 5 June to 26 June